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What's the last time you've checked your bookmarks?
How many times have you saved a post on linkedin to read later and never got back to it?
How many times have you lost a bookmark because you couldn't remember where you saved it?

If you're like me, you've probably experienced all of these situations.
That's why I created Alf, a social bookmark app that allows you to gather all your social bookmarks in one place. You can organize your bookmarks by tags, and you can find them back with a smart search engine.

Social app bookmarks are a mess.
There is tons of interesting content and we never find them back.
More frustrating they are always hard to find back.

That's not a problem anymore with Alf.

Save all interesting posts in one place

Working for social apps like

Easy to use, gather and find back all the posts from social apps.

  1. click on share
  2. choose Alf (if you don't find it click on more apps and add it to your favorite sharing options)

Alf is an innovative bookmark manager designed for those who enjoy social media but at the same time wish for an organized and structured way to store interesting content.
As devoted social media users ourselves, we felt the frustration that comes with the ephemeral nature of social platforms.
The gripping content that vanishes before you've had the chance to digest it fully. So, we created Alf - to save all those bookmarks in one place and read them later without any hustle.

You can witness your social media consumption update from a mere passing enjoyment to an enriching experience. With Alf, you have the power to choose what's worth revisiting and effortlessly find it when you need it. Whether it's an article that will help your career, a witty tweet, or an Instagram post that genuinely moved you, Alf makes it a breeze to bookmark and save for later perusal.

Using Alf is impressively easy. All you need to do is to click on the 'share' button on your favorite social app - be it Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram - and choose Alf. If you can't find Alf immediately, click on 'more apps' and add it to your favorite sharing options. Doing so will automatically save the post in Alf, ready for you to access anytime, anywhere.

Alf takes your mundane scrolling on social platforms into a purposeful journey.

For who?

It's an essential tool for social media enthusiasts, content creators, researchers, or anyone who values the vast sea of information available online and wishes to save important 'reads' for later.

Give it a try now and see how Alf can transform your social media experience.

Get Alf now

Never lose an interesting post again
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